Real-time Resource Scheduling, Visibility and Collaboration

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November 27, 2017


Real-time Resource Scheduling Visibility and Collaboration

Scheduling resources over time, across job sites and in dynamic conditions is one of the most critical challenges to keeping heavy construction projects on schedule and on budget. Many contractors continue to rely on whiteboards, spreadsheets, phone calls and other fragmented, offline tools. However, these outdated, “status quo” systems put contractors at a disadvantage when it comes to optimizing resources.


A centralized, online solution like B2W Schedule is increasingly essential for companies striving for more coordinated analysis, planning, scheduling and dispatching of resources. Users across workflows can to view resource assignments in real time on desktop or mobile devices, according to their areas of responsibility, and they can initiate requests and fulfill requirements.


Users can also customize how they view and manage scheduling and they can apply multiple filters and groupings to navigate quickly between past, current and future dates. A Map View incorporates GPS and telematics data to validate the location of resources and assist with scheduling and logistics. B2W Schedule also identifies resource needs and conflicts automatically and presents resolution options.