Adventures in Construction Scheduling

This B2W video series takes a lighthearted look at what can happen when contractors rely on old-school solutions to get equipment, people and materials to the right place at the right time.

  • ADVENTURES IN SCHEDULING #1 "Moving Sand"0:56


    "Looks like we have a conflict." You hear that a lot in construction scheduling. Take a humorous look at what happens when you can't catch conflicts before they catch you.

  • ADVENTURES IN SCHEDULING #2 "Whiteboard Woes"1:08

    ADVENTURES IN SCHEDULING #2 "Whiteboard Woes"

    Resource requirements change quickly. Take a humorous look at why whiteboards, weekly meetings and offline tools are not enough to help you schedule and dispatch with real-time agility.

  • ADVENTURES IN SCHEDULING #3 "Equipment Hoarders"1:16

    ADVENTURES IN SCHEDULING #3 "Equipment Hoarders"

    Take a humorous look at why the solution some contractors choose to combat equipment hoarding on their sites - buying or renting more - might not be the best one.

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