"B2W in the News" Put Safety Practices on Digital Fast Track

May 5, 2017

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April 10, 2017


Put Your Safety Practices on the Digital Fast Track


Improve safety processes with an enterprise system for electronic data capture and analysis

Unstructured and scattered information in multiple formats can create disorder and confusion for safety officers.


Moving from paper to electronic documentation within a centralized system for easier publication and management presents construction companies with a real opportunity to improve safety as well as process efficiency.


From near miss reports to OSHA compliance documents, an electronic safety solution with customized safety forms, such as B2W Inform, can capture a richer range of data than paper forms. Photos, e-signatures, time stamps, GPS coordinates and other valuable elements can be included. Companies can also customize electronic forms to fit specific requirements. They can link them to databases and include functionality like required fields and routing and approval process. All of these capabilities improve the consistency, accuracy and integrity of the data.


Most importantly, safety information on electronic forms can be easily aggregated, analyzed and used to produce reports and alerts. The data becomes actionable intelligence that companies can use to predict and prevent incidents and to identify opportunities to improve overall safety performance.


Powerful and customizable reporting tools and dashboards let your data become an incredible tool to alert, enlighten, and inform your team.

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