B2W Track's Reporting Capabilities

Listen to our clients speak about B2W Track's reporting capabilities. B2W Track's unique customizable on-screen digital dashboards allow graphical analysis of job performance using charts, graphs and lists. The home page dashboard presents an overall summary of all active jobs, while each job dashboard shows details for a single job. Every dashboard supports drilling down on-screen to any level of detail, even down into the field log indicating the performance for a specific day. Set up report subscriptions to have B2W Track deliver any report—or even a dashboard—to any user on a specified schedule. For example, deliver a daily dashboard summary to project managers at 6am each morning, summarizing the previous day's activity. Read more: http://www.b2wsoftware.com
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B2W Track - Time and Materials (T&M)
B2W Track - Time and Materials (T&M)

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