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Managing Subs & Vendors More Easily with B2W Estimate

In this webinar, you will learn all about the process of soliciting and analyzing third party quotes from your subcontractors and vendors in B2W Estimate. A B2W solutions engineer will guide you through the process of creating packages of similar work items and materials for an attractive request for quote (RFQ), entering and comparing the prices which are returned to you, entering last minute adjustments, and ultimately, the process of updating the costs in your estimates with the selected sub or vendor. The following areas will be covered: 1. Proper Resource Setup for an Efficient RFQ Process 2. Creating Default Notes for Your RFQ Forms 3. Knowing When to Use Subcontractor and Vendor Management 4. Using “RFQ Quantity” for Materials When Appropriate 5. Using “Get Vendor Prices From Resources” When Appropriate 6. Understanding “Plug Prices” 7. Knowing When to Use the Comparison Cost Method 8. Splitting Group Assignments When Appropriate 9. Using Subcontractor and Vendor Adjustments 10. Copying Between RFQ Groups 11. Tracking Minority Participation on Subcontractor and Vendor RFQs Learn more: http://www.b2wsoftware.com
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