B2W CEO Included Among "Visionaries of 2020"

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September 22, 2020


B2W Software – Paul McKeon  

Paul McKeonPaul McKeon

Vision has been a hallmark of B2W Software since CEO Paul McKeon founded the company in 1993 and delivered one of the first specialized software applications to move heavy construction estimators beyond the constraints of calculators and spreadsheets.


McKeon ran his own paving business while studying computer science in college. A stint after graduation as project manager at a large road building enterprise sparked the idea for putting the two interests together. The company’s popular construction estimating software caught on quickly, leading the industry to exponential gains in bidding speed, accuracy and efficiency, and B2W never stood still under McKeon’s leadership.


While enhancing the feature set and performance of its estimating application continuously, the company broke new ground with an entirely unique approach to software for managing operational workflows. The unified B2W Software ONE Platform now includes elements for resource scheduling and dispatching, field tracking and analysis, equipment maintenance, and electronic forms and reporting.


The differentiating aspect of the B2W platform is a single Microsoft SQL database for operational data on employees, equipment and jobs. While other software approaches can leave contractors with complex integration challenges, the individual B2W operational elements use and update the common source of operational information. Data flows logically in real time across the platform without errors, lag time and redundant data entry. The platform also provides enterprise-class performance, construction logic, intuitive interfaces and advanced mobile capabilities.


As jobs get more complex, competition intensifies and margins tighten across heavy construction sectors, this visionary B2W approach will continue to provide vital opportunities for contractors to win more bids and to communication and collaborate across interdependent workflows to operate more efficiently, optimize their resources and make better, data-driven decisions.

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