Minger Construction Improves Safety Program with B2W Inform

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Minger Construction Improves Safety Program with B2W Software


Contractor converts from paper forms to electronic data capture and
expanded analysis with B2W Inform


Portsmouth, NH – December 7, 2017 -- B2W Software, a leading provider of heavy civil construction management software, announced that Minger Construction has improved its safety processes through the B2W Inform solution for electronic data capture and analysis.


Minger Construction is headquartered in Minnesota and implemented B2W Inform earlier this year. The company specializes in excavation, sitework, utility, tunnel and sewer projects and also uses additional elements from the B2W ONE Platform for estimating, resource scheduling and dispatching, and field tracking and analysis.


Minger selected B2W Inform to replace paper forms in order to collect safety information more effectively and efficiently in the field and get it to the office faster. Use cases now range from Daily Crew Safety Briefing and Report of Injury forms to Equipment Inspection, Daily Operations Journal, Utility Damage, and Risk and Safety Scorecard forms.


“Filling out paper forms is cumbersome, and the lag time in getting the data back was a liability,” explains Minger Construction safety coordinator Mike Nelson. “We would also get inconsistent data depending on the effort, accuracy or the style of the person filling out the forms.”


Having current and historical safety data stored electronically in one database also makes it easier for Minger Construction to generate reports. “Instead of just collecting the information, we can actually use it to identify trends and improve our performance,” Nelson says. “We can reference past data and generate reports without the tedious, manual effort and sorting through papers that was previously required.”


Nelson creates electronic forms used at Minger Construction using the drag-and-drop template creator within B2W Inform. Each one is customized with fields designed to capture the specific information the company needs.


Having the unified B2W platform in place prior to adding B2W Inform allowed Minger Construction to use its single B2W operational database and a function called data binding to create forms that are easier to fill out and that deliver accurate, structured data. Drop-down menus in form fields calling for the names of employees, equipment or jobs are linked – or “data bound” – to the central B2W database. Any updates to the central database are reflected in the drop down menus of all forms in real time.


“We were considering another, independent solution for e-forms when B2W came along with Inform, and its ability to tie to the existing database and have a cohesive platform was a big differentiator,” according to Nelson. “You maintain your equipment, employee and job list in one place. The data is always up to date and entered in a consistent, structured format which makes it easier to analyze and generate reports.”


Alerts & Notifications is proving to be another advantageous feature at Minger Construction. Forms are set up to deliver an immediate notification by text, e-mail or within the application when triggered by a specific event or incident noted on a form. As an example, Nelson says he is notified instantly every time an injury is documented.


Nelson says resistance to the switch from paper to electronic forms in the field was minimal. “The B2W implementation and training was excellent,” he adds. “They walked through all the features, and their best-practice insight into how other contractors are using the tool was especially helpful.”


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Headquartered in Portsmouth, New Hampshire, B2W Software empowers and inspires heavy civil construction companies to win more work and complete it more profitably. The company’s ONE Platform connects people, workflows and data and includes advanced, unified applications to manage estimating, scheduling, field tracking, equipment maintenance, data capture and business intelligence.




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