Investigating Construction Software Management Options

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August 2020


Advice from B2W Software

With construction tradeshows and conferences cancelled due to Covid-19, software itself has become a leading venue for exploring software options. A growing number of contractors are connecting online with suppliers to evaluate the ROI value of new technology. Faster, more accurate estimating, operational efficiency and mobile capabilities are at the top of their lists.


Look for these four priorities:


Workflow Connectivity and Real-Time Data

Efficiency increases when applications for estimating and operations talk to each other. Estimating logic is visible to leaders in the field. Performance data can be used to adjust operations immediately. Repair requests, equipment moves, resource needs, inspection results and dozens of other critical pieces of intelligence can be communicated and seen instantly across workflows.


Enterprise-Class Performance

The architecture of the software should accommodate multiple users and run fast and reliably, without bugs. How aggressively a supplier keeps pace with technology and delivers updates are things to look for. Requirements also change, so contractors should make sure software can scale to meet future needs.


Construction Logic

Some applications are intuitive for accountants or IT pros, but “They just don’t work the way we work in the field,” is a common complaint from contractors. Look for software that aligns with existing processes. A user interface that’s easy to learn and use is also essential, so users buy in to it right away and can stay focused on construction, rather than getting software to work.


Support and Fit

Get a feel for the personality of the supplier, the expertise of its employees and how well they could work together with your team. Look for proven implementation and training processes and ask questions about support resources, like how long it takes to respond to calls or resolve issues. References on support capabilities from existing users should be readily available.

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