"B2W In the News" Software Cuts Costs, Drives Profitability

Engineering News and Record

October 24, 2016

Software Cuts Costs and Drives Profitability

Revitalizing an aging infrastructure and initiating new transportation, utility, energy and commercial projects for 21st-century needs are required and are driving an increasing demand for heavy civil projects. At the same time, margins are declining and competition is intensifying in response to funding limitations associated with this work. Jobs are also becoming more complex, and compliance and regulatory requirements are on the rise.

Software and data used to be secondary concerns for construction companies navigating these opportunities and challenges. Paper and spreadsheets put competitors on equal footing, and profitability hinged on hands-on experience, personal expertise and gut feeling. That’s changing fast. Specialized software is creating imperative opportunities to cut costs and improve profitability.

Profitability begins with the bid. Powerful estimating software allows companies to bid faster and with more accuracy to win more of the right jobs while eliminating the risk of costly errors. Likewise, a unified software platform with applications for scheduling and dispatching, field tracking and maintenance eliminates the inefficiency, redundancy and delays inherent in managing with spreadsheets or independent, disconnected software applications. Finally, data capture and analysis is becoming important. An enterprise software solution enables data-driven decision making based on enterprise-wide access to real-time operational data, analytics and reporting.