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Construction companies are feeling the pressure to decrease costs while remaining profitable. Cloud hosting can optimize your cost structure by eliminating expensive in-house IT and moving your technology off of clunky dedicated servers. It keeps your information safe in data centers, while remaining accessible to you in real-time. On average, cloud hosting delivers greater investment returns with shorter payback periods. Let the experts install, update, and secure your data without the price tag to match. Construction companies can cut in-house server costs and IT efforts by hosting the B2W platform on the cloud. B2W Software can install applications on a state-of-the-art infrastructure, update them automatically and keep data secure. Want to learn more about B2W's Cloud Capabilities? Visit our website at: https://www.b2wsoftware.com/services/cloud/
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B2W Estimate  - Bid Schedules
B2W Estimate - Bid Schedules

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B2W Estimate - Copy Between Estimates
B2W Estimate - Copy Between Estimates

Drag and drop items and cost components between estimates. Learn more: http://www.b2wsoftware.com

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