JUNE 13 - Better Performance in the Field with Better Data From the Field

Better Performance in the Field Begins with Better Data From the Field

Wednesday, June 13 at 2PM EDT

As margin and competitive pressures intensify in the heavy construction sector, contractors must leverage all of their assets – including their data. Fortunately, technologies ranging from operational software and electronic forms to telematics, GPS, drones and beyond are rapidly expanding the options for data capture and analysis.

Join us in the second of a series of webinars  exploring the trends in software and mobile technologies. This session will focus on the trends and technologies that open the door to replacing paper processes, tracking performance data in real time and delivering the reporting and intelligence needed for enhanced, data-driven decision making.




This three-part webinar series titled “Mobile Connected and Data-driven: Exploring the Technology Trends in Heavy Construction,” will provide insights from a new study from Dodge Data & Analytics, in partnership with B2W Software. The research explores how software solutions – and especially mobile capabilities – can generate improvements in the ability of contractors to gather accurate and timely data from the field, control costs more reliably, and manage and maintain their equipment fleets more efficiently. 

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